2017-2018 Grant Currently Being Funded

Green Brook Baseball Dugouts

3 options for legacy plaque to be anchored to the new Elicker Field Dugouts:

Other grants being funded in 2017-2018, click here to provide a general donation that will be used towards one of the following:

 Amount Approved TITLE Benefits
 $     1,250 PE Audio System It will be used in PE classes for warm-up and game music as well as fitness testing. We use Fitnessgram program music to test cardiovascular endurance and overall strength.
 $        300 Indoor, vertical gardening lighting This project will fit into the topic of photosynthesis. It is a vital process for life on Earth but can be unengaging to students without links to real world situations. In the 8th grade curriculum, photosynthesis is tied in with a project of indoor vertical farming. Use of the tower garden and lights being requested would model this process well. Students will have a first hand look at how scientists and engineers believe most of our food will be grown in the future.
 $        250 Butterfly Garden Embedded in our science program is a unit of Insects and Plants. We need to observe butterflies in their natural habitat, feed them, and document their changes.
 $     2,000 Aquarium Our current curriculum covers living things (including fish) and how they live and grow. Also health covers feelings such as anxiety which this could help with.
 $        600 Scouts Scholarship Scouting’s curriculum develops leadership in young men (and now women). This program provides an intensive week long program that will prepare the participants to better develop leadership in their peers and the other youth in the troop.