Grants Awarded

Year Awarded  Amount Approved TITLE Benefits
2017-2018  $     1,250 PE Audio System It will be used in PE classes for warm-up and game music as well as fitness testing. We use Fitnessgram program music to test cardiovascular endurance and overall strength.
2017-2018  $        300 Indoor, vertical gardening lighting This project will fit into the topic of photosynthesis. It is a vital process for life on Earth but can be unengaging to students without links to real world situations. In the 8th grade curriculum, photosynthesis is tied in with a project of indoor vertical farming. Use of the tower garden and lights being requested would model this process well. Students will have a first hand look at how scientists and engineers believe most of our food will be grown in the future.
2017-2018  $        250 Butterfly Garden Embedded in our science program is a unit of Insects and Plants. We need to observe butterflies in their natural habitat, feed them, and document their changes.
2017-2018  $     2,000 Aquarium Our current curriculum covers living things (including fish) and how they live and grow. Also health covers feelings such as anxiety which this could help with.
2017-2018  $        600 Scouts Scholarship Scouting’s curriculum develops leadership in young men (and now women). This program provides an intensive week long program that will prepare the participants to better develop leadership in their peers and the other youth in the troop.
2017-2018  $     6,000 Dugouts The younger kids need shelter from the elements.
2017-2018  $        250 PTO 8th Grade Dance Help cover the cost of the DJ for the dance
2016-2017  $  17,847 Automatic Basketball Winch More efficient use of gym space, allowing for quick maneuvering of all baskets in and out of basketball season
2016-2017  $  17,070 Audio Systems Sound systems added to 2 classrooms and 2 community spaces (IEF Media Center and GBMS Cafeteria) to provide quality audio for teaching/presentations as well as making these rooms future-ready for advanced A/V equipment.
2016-2017  $     5,000 KANO Computers These kits allow students to build a working computer.
2016-2017  $     4,000 Water Bottle Stations for GBMS and IEF More efficient use of fountains and allows for water bottles to be filled easily.
2016-2017  $     1,800 Portable Race Clock The motivational factor at our cross country and track meets is increased when the participants can see their time.
2016-2017  $     1,781 Batting Cages Will allow both the baseball and softball teams to utilize the batting cage to improve players hitting mechanics and improve overall performance.
2016-2017  $     1,000 Outdoor Classroom The students will use open source and current software to design nature trails and learning activites (all subject areas) throughout the outdoor system.
2016-2017  $        715 Art Murals By creating murals students will learn about how communities work together to create an artistic outcome.
2016-2017  $        450 Kids’ Yoga Instructor Studies have shown many benefits with incorporating yoga into the classroom.
2016-2017  $        260 Sensory Cubes Students will be more engaged during instructional times following a sensory break.
2016-2017  $        150 Grow Healthy Allows students to observe plant growth, make smart food choices by eating more fruits and vegetables, and improves the overall school wellness environment.
2015-2016  $  18,000 Peer Leadership Program 1. To establish a comfortable, positive atmosphere in which students feel involved and accepted
2. To provide guidance and assistance to incoming students and transfer students
3. To provide positive role models who disseminate information which encourages healthy lifestyles and positive decision making to all students
4. To provide a link between students and staff
5. To provide assistance to programs that supports the Peer Leadership mission
2015-2016  $  10,650 NAO Humanoid Robot (AKA “Irene”) This would be the first experience students have with a humanoid robot. NAO also allows teachers to integrate teamwork, project management, problem solving, and communication skills in a stimulating setting. This is the perfect vehicle for STEM activities which focus on problem-solving and exploratory learning by encouraging students to work in teams to actively engage in challenges and discover solutions. NAO is equipped with a simple, visual programming tool that allows students to create and program different robot behaviors. Students can design behaviors combining gesture, movement, sound, music, and speech.
2015-2016  $     5,000 Wegner Music Rooms Performing arts is one of the classes taught at Green Brook. This project will enhance student’s understand of the amount of backstage work that goes into putting on a successful show. It will fall inline with the Performing Arts and Visual Art curricula.
2015-2016  $     1,500 Sewing Machines Students would complete a simple pillow as a first project. They would complete this after learning the safety rules of a sewing machine. They would also learn the proper procedures for threading and operating a machine.
2015-2016  $        600 Hue Animation Studio Critical thinking skills and creativity in the elementary classroom is a needed skill. We want to give our students the opportunity to improve their life needed skills of creativity, critical thinking and technology by opening the door to stop animation. The HUE animation studio will allow students to create stop motion animation videos. This will encourage creativity and critical thinking skills in students. We will use these stop motion animation videos to communicate stories and ideas. Students will work on collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Students will work corporately to create stories for the week of respect and more. By providing as many opportunities as possible to our students in the classroom, we hope to open a variety of possibilities.
2015-2016  $     7,700 Drones Through hands-on experiences, students will gain understanding of how math, science, and engineering are integrated in state of the art technology. In addition, students will learn basic scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles that surround Drone technology.
2015-2016  $        265 Garden By participating in this project students will learn important skills from the science curriculum. They will describe and observe the life cycle of a plant. Also, they will identify the needs of plants and problem solve to maintain plant growth.
2014-2015  $     4,095 Traverse Wall The traverse wall is different from a rock wall because it encourages movement from station to station in lateral movement. Mr. Lamberti stated that agility, strength, stamina are the 3 hallmarks of physical education program and he feels that this wall, in addition to many other excellent programs at IEF School.