Wenger Soundlok Practice Rooms

The music department received a grant to purchase two Wenger Soundlok Practice Rooms. Each room is a 6′ by 9′ unit, purchased with the purpose of offering students a quiet area to further their musical development. There will be one room in the choir/orchestra room (the string orchestra is a brand new program being offered this year) and one in the band room as well.

These rooms come with Wenger’s Virtual Acoustics Environment, allowing students to change the sound of their practice room to fit their needs. With the touch of a button, students can play in a very quiet “traditional practice room” or make it sound like they’re playing in a huge arena or cathedral. These units will also be enhanced with recording capabilities so students can record their practice sessions as well as a computer or iPad so they can utilize SmartMusic or other practice enhancing software.
As our music program grows (now including over a dozen different performing ensembles), we are so fortunate to have an administration that gives us 100% support and we’re so incredibly thankful to the GBEAF for providing us with the tools to continue helping young musicians thrive.

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